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Happy Endings

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‘Happy Endings: Perspectives on dying well’ is death explained in a touching, informative and at times even humoristic way through a collection of one-to-one conversations with a doctor, a hospice nurse, a priest, a counsellor, an elderly woman and a young mother who lost her own mother in the Tsunami.

The film interweaves personal stories with informative interviews with professionals and builds seamlessly between the process of death, dying well, difficult deaths, the role of professionals and after death.

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"I have just finished watching your film. The manner in which it approaches the subject is beautifully thought-provoking and it leaves a final impression that is hugely life-affirming. It also displays a rare simplicity and serenity throughout, as you have allowed the stories to emerge and build on each other in the most wonderful way."

(Tim, London)

This documentary film is suitable for:

  • anyone who needs to feel somewhat reassured about what to expect and how to engage in the process
  • anyone who wants to find the courage to start conversations about preparing for death
  • anyone who plans to use the film to educate others or as a support for continuing professional development




Jean Francis at Milestone Celebrations aims to give information on alternative and creative ways of celebrating the milestones of life. Whatever the occasion it is important that it should be unique and reflect personal values and beliefs. With a little imagination, inspirational occasions can be created without breaking the bank or damaging the plane Jean is the author of 'Time To Go'(Alternative Funerals) ISBN 0-593-31859-2 £9.95. The book offers choices that will enable you to plan farewell ceremonies where life and death are interwoven.


Education & Training

LivingWell, Dying WellLivingWell, DyingWell is a not-for-profit organisation, awaiting charitable status. It aims to enhance people's experience of life, by finding a better way to approach death. Hermione Elliott and her colleagues do this through hosting conversations and seminars for the public, through training for health professionals and by offering practical, emotional and spiritual support to people approaching death and the families who are caring for them.


Hospice Services

The Iain Rennie Hospice at HomeThe Iain Rennie Hospice at Home is a charity working in the Chilterns area of Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire in the UK. Their aim is to offer anyone who has a terminal illness the choice to receive the care and support that they need in the comfort and security of their own home.


Independent Funeral Advice

The Natural Death CentreIf you are looking for help, support, advice or guidance planning a funeral, either for yourself or for someone close to you, the Natural Death Centre Charity is here for you. We believe that death lies at the heart of our humanity, that within it are great opportunities for both personal and social growth, and that, if we so wish, we should be encouraged and helped to face it on our own terms, without the interception or mediation of others.


International Society of Advanced Care Planning & End of Life Care.

By assisting our patients to undertake advance care planning we honour their autonomy and give them the opportunity to reflect upon, and tell us, how they wish to be cared for if they lose their ability to consider or communicate their views.


International Society of Advanced Care Planning & End of Life Care Conference31 May - 2 June 2012 - Chicago, USA As we continuously aim to provide an ever-increasing high standard of care to our patients, we recognise the need to research, examine, develop and learn with each other. At ACPEL 2012, we will therefore hear from a wide range of international speakers who will provide us with the latest developments and practices in advance care planning, end of life care, and its associated disciplines.


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